New Adventures in Lake City, Colorado

Well, let's see....

I've been coming here with my family since they adopted me several years ago. I love laps--both to run and to sit in. I love my best friends Lily and Piper. We have so much fun together (although Lily can be a diva sometimes).

We just arrived to prepare everything for you to come see me. Boy, was I in for some surprises! I can't wait to tell you about them so you will come see us even sooner!

First, if you're reading my blog, you're looking at our new website! I love looking at it, but sometimes it makes me hungry when I see the little fish jumping. But as great as it is, we've still been working out a few kinks.

If you've sent a reservation inquiry and haven't heard back from my mom or dad, I'M SO SORRY! They're getting a little older (they both turned 60 this year), so you know technology comes a little harder to them. We think we've figured out the issue, so please try to send us another inquiry. But if you still haven't heard from Mom or Dad, please give us a call.

Another exciting change is the kitchen in Mara's House! After almost 20 years, we've given everything a facelift! New paint, counter-tops, cabinets, and appliances are all upgrades we've recently made so you will enjoy cooking even more! I'll give you a sneak peak:



There may be some more updates coming soon to the house! Keep visiting us for more of my adventures and news about our family at Twin Peaks Rentals!

I hope you'll come see me soon!

Wait, did you see that?

Gotta go!


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